Consumer Lending Department Review

                                 ○         Policy and Procedure Manual Review

                                 ○         Operational and Systems Review including System “Health Check”

                                 ○         File and Compliance Review

                                 ○         Credit Risk Management Review – Home Equity Lending

                                 ○         Uniform Retail Credit Classification Policy Implementation Review

                                 ○     Loan Production and Delinquency Tracking Review

  • Quality Assurance Review – Residential Mortgage Lending Origination & Servicing
  • Foreclosure Management Practices Assessment Review
  • BSA / AML Audit with “Systems Health Check” – Fraud Analysis
  • BSA / AML Training
  • Mortgage Electronic Registration System Review

                                 ○         Quality Assurance Policy / Procedures Manual Review

                                 ○         “MERS” Operational Procedure Review

                                 ○         “MERS” Foreclosure Procedure Review              

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Pre Examination Review

                                 ○         Lending

                                 ○         Privacy

                                 ○         Compliance Management System

  • FNMA and FHLMC Collection Procedures Review
  • Consumer Policy, Guidelines and Procedures Manuals Creations
  • Agency Application and Approval with all required Manuals and Systems created