Mortgage Quality Control Plans

Cammarata Associates started its quality control services by writing FHA Quality Control Plans for those companies applying for FHA approval.

CA has years of experience standing by the accuracy of its QC Plans based on the thousands of plans that were accepted by government and private agencies, lenders, and investors. CA will work as your mortgage compliance advisor in mortgage banking to customize your Quality Control Program by ensuring it is articulated in your QC Plan that will be accepted by mortgage investors, lenders, and any joint interagency.

FHA Quality Control Plan

Cammarata Associates can develop an FHA quality control plan that meets agency standards, every time. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge, a wide range of professional and technical experience, and expert capabilities in agency and government mortgage loan auditing. We stay abreast of changing mortgage guidelines from all of the government agencies, and can help you develop a QC plan and program that will help you obtain FHA approval from your sponsoring lender. The depth of our knowledge is unmatched in developing a compliant mortgage quality control plan for FHA. 

Cammarata Associates specializes in mortgage quality control and loan review services

FHA Sponsor Quality Control Plan

The FHA and sponsoring lenders require submission of a formal FHA Quality Control Plan that adheres to their guidelines before you are allowed to process any loan. In addition many of the governing agencies such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae require similar quality control plans.

Cammarata Associates specializes in mortgage quality control and loan review services. We design a customized QC plan, specifically for your business. This plan will enable you to meet the requirements of the FHA, the VA, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae. We will ensure that your mortgages are solid and marketable with our expertise.

MERS® Quality Control Plan and QC MERS® Audits

Mortgage loan servicers are up for a challenge with FNMA’s “Delinquency Management and Default Prevention (SV-2011-08R)” and FHLMC’s “Servicing Alignment Initiative”. The changes in policy and focus on resolving delinquency will be keeping servicers busy for the foreseeable future. Short sales, Deeds in Lieu and Modifications can be tools to mitigate losses.

Data integrity and proper chain of title is essential in performing these functions.

Cammarata Associates offers our clients a specialized audit which targets information reported to Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS®). Let CA perform the audit so you can focus on mitigating losses and providing service to your customers.